The micro-market snack and beverage solution

for the small office

Don't waste time searching for a quick refreshment

Empire Market offers the nano-market, a cold beverage cooler and snack shelf
designed for 150 employees or less.

The new break room concept everyone wants is now available for locations less than 150 people. The nano market is an open micro-market mini store redesigned to be compact and scalable for growing companies. Employees love the additional options available in the open coolers and shelves along with the cashless payment options. Businesses love the added employee perk of on-site refreshment without any incurred cost or hassle.

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Compact and scalable design

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Credit/debit card or mobile pay

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Dozens of "must-have" products

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Beloved employee benefit



Give the open concept feel to your smaller business break room.

Nano kiosk

Quick and easy cashless payments

Nano markets allow users to pay with credit/debit card or mobile wallet on the dedicated ipad payment system

Empire Market offers the most advanced technology for the break room. Micro-markets and nano markets offer unmatched convenience and flexibility in payment options. Choose credit or debit card as well as multiple mobile options such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

It's time for a break room revolution.

Partner with experts in crafting customized nano markets -- Empire Market (844)-8-MARKET or

Embrace the revolution